Understanding How Aligners Adjust Crooked Teeth

Because clear aligners offer people a chance to adjust their teeth without metal braces, many potential patients can be eager to use them for orthodontic work. With that said, you may be reluctant to move forward without a better understanding of how aligners can correct the position of your teeth. With each aligner you wear, you can gently shift your teeth into a better position than they started. By keeping the same aligner for a set period, you can give your teeth time to adjust to their new placement. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can discuss your experience with you during an evaluation, and explain the advantages that come with using MTM aligners for your orthodontic work

What Can I Expect From My Treatment With MTM Aligners?

Like other clear aligners, MTM aligners can provide a convenient and discreet orthodontic treatment. With that said, they focus on moving the teeth at the front of your smile, so you can see results in less time than you would with other appliances.

How Can I Make Sure My Treatment Is Successful?

Wearing your aligners consistently will be important, as you can delay your results by leaving them off for extended periods. You should plan to limit removing them to when you need to eat, or when you are cleaning your teeth. While clear aligners require fewer checkups than metal braces, you should keep up with appointments so your dentist can confirm your treatment is progressing properly.

Benefiting From Your Improved Smile

Once you have your treatment completed, you can look forward to an improved smile, while also enjoying key benefits to your oral health. If you have teeth that overlap, correcting their positions can make it easier for you to protect yourself against tooth decay. You can also improve your bite alignment, which can reduce your risk for TMJ dysfunction.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Starting Orthodontic Treatment With MTM Aligners

If you are interested in improving the way you look when you smile by fixing crooked teeth, you can talk to Dr. Browne about starting orthodontic treatment with MTM aligners. Individuals in and around Prairie Village, KS can be impressed with the convenience of this approach, and the results you can enjoy! To learn more, or to arrange your visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.