How Long Will It Take To Improve My Smile With MTM Aligners?

Starting orthodontic work can be exciting – after all, you are beginning a journey that ends with you showing off great smile improvements. However, you may have some concerns as you start the process of correcting bothersome dental alignment flaws. Because MTM clear aligners offer a more discreet and convenient experience with orthodontic correction, you can be less worried about your daily life during your adjustment. With that said, it is only natural to feel excited to see your treatment come to an end. Because MTM aligners are made to concentrate on the movement of those teeth that are most visible when you smile, they can deliver results in less time than you anticipate. You may be able to finish your adjustment within three to six months!

Using MTM Aligners Means Enjoying A More Discreet And Convenient Type Of Orthodontic Care

Clear aligners eliminate one concern people can have about orthodontic work – your aligners will be difficult for people to notice, meaning you can avoid the awkwardness of having visible metal braces. In a professional setting, or in your social life, you can have more confidence wearing discreet aligners. You can also remove your aligners during times when you eat, or clean your teeth, so they do not intrude on these activities.

Smile Corrections Can Improve Your Bite Function, And Help You Avoid Cavities

Your straightened smile can look great, but you have more to gain from MTM clear aligners than just this cosmetic benefit. You can make it easier to fully clean your teeth by straightening out areas where your teeth overlap. You can also improve your bite alignment, which can relieve strain on your jaw joints.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Starting Treatment With MTM Aligners

If you are ready to show off a straightened smile, talk to Robert M Browne, DDS about MTM clear aligners! With these convenient, discreet appliances, you can make impressive changes to the way you look, and enjoy functional benefits. Because of their design, and focus on correcting your visible front teeth, you can have results in less time than you might realize! To learn more, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.