Enjoy Orthodontic Work Without Distracting Braces!

Having a straighter smile to show off in pictures, or when meeting someone new, can be exciting. What can be less than exciting is thinking about how orthodontic work might require you to wear conspicuous metal braces for an extended length of time. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can provide you with a welcome alternative to traditional metal braces. MTM Clear Aligners can make orthodontic work discreet, as they are made from a clear plastic material that makes them hard to notice. In addition to having an appliance that is difficult to see, you can enjoy an additional benefit of MTM aligners – these appliances are designed to shorten treatment times!

MTM Clear Aligners Can Help Your Smile Without Attracting Unwanted Attention

You may have questions about MTM Clear Aligners, and their ability to make orthodontic work discreet. Is it really going to be easy for you to wear these appliances in a work environment, or social setting, without feeling self-conscious? These modern aligners are made with the purpose of helping people feel good about how they look during their adjustment. This can make it easier to commit to orthodontic work even if you need to maintain a professional appearance, or if you have concerns about how braces might affect your social life.

MTM Aligners Offer A Treatment Experience You Can Look Forward To

MTM aligners work by gradually shifting your teeth with each appliance you wear. Your braces are removable, and they can go unnoticed. The goal with using this approach instead of traditional braces is to make your adjustment experience as pleasant as possible, while still producing real results. You can also be happy to know that your appliances are constructed to shorten your overall treatment time. They focus on shifting your front teeth, which are most important to your appearance, and that can lead to a correction period being as short as three to six months.

Dealing With Oral Health Problems Through Orthodontic Adjustment

Your orthodontic adjustment can do more than just help you smile with more confidence! By fixing problems with poor alignment, you can improve your bite function, and stop overworking certain teeth. You can also fix overlaps that have made it difficult for you to effectively clean your teeth. These corrections can help you avoid issues with jaw pain, and tooth decay, while also having noticeable cosmetic benefits!

Talk To Dr. Browne About MTM Clear Aligners

At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we are proud to offer patients interested in orthodontic work MTM Clear Aligners! Dr. Browne can talk to you about the advantages that you gain from choosing these aligners over other forms of braces, and help you begin a successful treatment! To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.