What Makes MTM Aligners Different From Other Appliances?

Orthodontic work can lead to important changes that affect your smile, and your oral health. Because of this, patients can be understandably concerned about finding the right approach to treatment. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we offer orthodontic treatment with MTM Clear Aligners. With these appliances, it becomes possible to deal with frustrating gaps and overlaps that currently hurt your smile without drawing unwanted attention, as you will use a sequence of clear appliances instead of metal braces. One benefit of using MTM aligners that patients particularly enjoy is that they can see results in less time than they would with a different approach to orthodontic adjustment, as these appliances are designed to focus on moving teeth that are more prominent when you smile.

How Clear Aligners Make Orthodontic Work More Convenient

People who are curious about clear aligners often want to have a more discreet experience with orthodontic work. While many adults do enjoy successful work with metal braces, some individuals worry that their braces will make it harder for them to maintain a professional look at the office. Others who worry about metal braces are concerned with the way a permanent appliance might interfere with their daily life. As you use MTM aligners to straighten your teeth, you can find that they do little to intrude on your daily life. They are hard to notice when in place, and they can be easily removed when they might be a problem for eating, or cleaning your teeth!

See Your Results Sooner, Thanks To MTM Clear Aligners

Why should you choose MTM Clear Aligners over a different type of clear aligner system? When patients use MTM Clear Aligners, they can find that their adjustment takes less time – you may be done with your adjustment after three to six months! This is possible thanks to the design of MTM aligners. Your appliances will concentrate on moving the teeth that are more visible when you smile. As a result, you can see your desired improvements in a shorter period of time!

Straighter Teeth Can Offer Several Benefits

When you straighten your teeth, you can see a great change in the quality of your smile. While this can be reason enough for some people to move forward with orthodontic work, you should know that straighter teeth offer more than just cosmetic benefits. You can actually improve your bite function by fixing issues with poor teeth spacing. An adjustment can also make it easier for you to prevent cavities, particularly if you have problems with crowded teeth.

Talk To Dr. Browne About MTM Clear Aligners

At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, Dr. Browne is prepared to help individuals who want to make real changes to their teeth by fixing alignment flaws. MTM Clear Aligners can help you improve your smile and oral health while enjoying an orthodontic experience that can require less time! To learn more, or to set up a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.