Enjoy Orthodontic Work Without Conspicuous Braces

While traditional bracket-and-wire braces are effective for people who need to correct problems with poorly aligned teeth, they can feel intrusive. Teen and adult patients may be less than eager to have this appliance in place, due to the perception that orthodontic work is for younger people. Fortunately, alternative orthodontic treatment options are available to you. You can speak with your Prairie Village, KS dentist about clear braces in the form of MTM Clear Aligners. These appliances offer cosmetic advantages over traditional braces, and they can lead to results in less time than you expect.

Using Clear Aligners Instead Of Traditional Bracket-And-Wire Braces

How different can your experience with orthodontic be when you rely on clear braces over traditional appliances? Metal braces can frustrate people because they are affixed to their teeth, and potentially in the way during meals. They can also make you feel as though cleaning your teeth is more difficult. With removable clear aligners, you can eat and clean your teeth without this sense of intrusion. You can also feel better about the way you look when you have discreet appliances, rather than easily visible bracket-and-wire braces.

How MTM Clear Aligners Deliver Results In Less Time

People who qualify for orthodontic work with MTM Clear Aligners can see their results in less time than they might expect. These appliances offer an important difference from other aligners. MTM aligners are focused on moving teeth that are more visible when you smile. By making these teeth the priority during your adjustment, you can have your ideal smile corrections in less time. People who take this route to straightened teeth can be done with their orthodontic work in just three to six months!

Remember, Your Orthodontic Adjustment Can Do More Than Just Change Your Smile

Did you know that the alignment of your teeth might impact how easy (or difficult) it is to protect yourself against cavities? Teeth that overlap can create spaces for bacteria to gather – your typical brushing and flossing routine may not clean these areas as effectively as you would like. As a result, you can have a greater risk for cavities and gum disease. You can also experience issues with your bite function because of dental misalignment.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Using MTM Clear Aligners To Straighten Your Teeth

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the effect your crooked teeth have on your appearance? Are you ready to enjoy the oral health advantages that come with straightened teeth? Dr. Browne can offer great orthodontic support to people in and around Prairie Village, KS by providing treatment with MTM Clear Aligners! To find out more about these aligners, or to learn more about the many other oral health services our office can provide, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.